All our adventures are self-guided and can be played on any day you choose. Some visit places which are only open during the day and hence can’t be played at night, but most can be played at any time. Check the page for your chosen adventure for the exact time it is available.

The game is played using the ClueKeeper app (available for iOS or Android). At least one person will need to download this before embarking on your adventure.

At least one person on the team will need a fully charged smartphone or data-enabled tablet. You’ll also find a pen and paper handy for most adventures as well as a map to check directions.

The maximum team size shown on ClueKeeper (usually 6) is the number of phones which can be synced to the same game but you can have more people on a team if you don’t mind sharing phones. We find that the experience is best with around 2-5 players so if you have more than this we suggest you break up into multiple teams.

The clues are aimed at adults and so might not be suited to younger children.  However, older children are welcome to accompany teams, so long as there is a responsible grownup present.

Yes, you need a data connection during the adventure to submit answers and keep in sync across multiple team phones. The initial download is typically less than 30 MB and can be done over Wi-Fi before you start. After that you should use very little data.