Games and Puzzles

At Mind Maze we love games and puzzles. Here are some of our creations, designed for fellow puzzle-loving gamers. We hope you enjoy!

Outdoor Puzzle Trails

Follow a trail of clues on your smartphone and solve puzzles while exploring the city.

The Secrets of the Shields


Something has been stolen. A mysterious box, left for the police with a cryptic note, sets you off on a trail of clues that will lead you around the city of Oxford.

Online Board Games

Nuns on the Run

A free to play online implementation of the popular board game.

Puzzle Boxes

Mind Maze’s sister, Crafty Maze, specialises in making handcrafted puzzle boxes for weddings.
If you or someone you know is getting married soon, check them out!

We spent last Sunday afternoon playing the excellent Secrets of the Shields adventure. The puzzles themselves were tricky enough to keep us on our toes, but not impossible to solve and there is a nice variety of number puzzles, anagrams and code breaking as well as plenty of "hunt the clue" puzzles.